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Shh… the secret’s not out yet. Well, unless you’re one of the select few who have the 4-digit password to all of Oddman’s treasured NFT secrets. “Wait, what’s an Oddman?” “What password?” I know it sounds confusing at first. Similarly, the world of NFTs and the whole Metaverse, in general, is confusing for a lot of people. But the best part is that the answers to all of your questions and more are just ahead. The only prerequisite is that you have to be an NFT enthusiast — whether as a beginner or a guru. Let’s dive right in to explore the latest platform that you certainly don’t want to miss out on.

What is NFT Secrets?

NFT Secrets is an up-and-coming platform that connects NFT enthusiasts with the latest industry news, project reviews, and even some secrets that no NFT creator wants to announce. The blockchain industry as a whole is fast-paced, changing every hour of every day. With that in mind, finding information that is worth your while, resourceful, and reliable is like finding a needle out of a haystack. Powered by a team of investors and creators, NFT Secrets aims to be a go-to hub for all of your NFT needs.

What more can you find on NFT Secrets?

  • NFT creation and info-leaks how-to’s
  • Upcoming NFT project lists
  • Whitelist provision for new projects
  • Alpha-leaks
  • In-depth NFT project reviews
  • 24/7 smart alerts to monitor market flow (coming really soon)

Where You Know Us From

The mastermind behind NFT Secrets is ‘Oddman’ and that’s all you need to know about his identity for now. Of course, not all of it can be possible without a team of dedicated and talented individuals at his side. From artists to programmers, marketing gurus, and product managers, Oddman’s team is well-equipped to approach any matter with professional input by specialists in the sphere.

We’ve been a partner of NFT projects like:

Gambling Apes

Ever thought you’d co-own a casino in the Metaverse? 10 years ago that sentence wouldn’t have made any sense — but today it’s entirely relevant. Gambling Apes is an exclusive NFT collection where owners are invited to exclusive meetups and weekly competitions, and much more.

Angry Apes United/Jungle Destroyers

Angry Apes United and Jungle Destroyers are separate collections with 8,888 NFTs each that allow holders to acquire more crypto assets through blockchain gaming.

Party Grandpa/Retirement Club

In this day and age, we’re dreaming about retirement from as soon as 22 years old — even if we don’t want to admit it. Owners of one of the 6,000 Party Grandpas or Degenerate Grannies from this collection can kick back and gain access to the exclusive retirement club once you own an NFT from the official Retirement Club collection.

Astro Babies/Astro Apes

On the Solana blockchain, Astro Babies is a utility-focused NFT collection with 5,000 Astro Babies, 10,000 Astro Apes, and even 10,000 Astro Pups. Each Astro NFT includes a 3D rendered character who is playable in the Metaverse, with some characters being rarer than others.

Where to Find Us

Our location is certainly not a trade secret. Our website aside, find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. And, of course, don’t forget about our Discord server coming very soon where our info-leaked will be shared and members of the community can connect with us and each other!

Whenever you decide to come and join us, we’ll be waiting for you.



NFT Secrets

NFT Secrets is a platform helping nft enthusiasts know everything about the best NFT collections, and all the latest NFT news in the Metaverse.

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